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Nkonyane Attorneys is a law firm that prides itself in the provision of innovative, progressive and accurate solutions through the provision of legal services.

Our team is able to assist organisations and individuals through offering services in the following areas of expertise: banking and finance law, competition law, contract law, corporate and commercial law, dispute resolution, deceased estates, trusts and wills, employment and labour law, financial recoveries, litigation, personal injury law, property law and tax law.

We take care of the legalities so that our clients can enjoy living and running their organisations with a sense of assurance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent services that are tailored to our client's particular needs. We strive to integrate knowledge of the law with technology so that we can deliver smartly.

Our Values

  • Accuracy
  • Relevance
  • Professionalism
  • Sustainability
  • Transparency
  • Equity
  • Foresight

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients with tailored legal solutions in a transparent manner. We pay attention to the needs of our clients so that we can serve them with the utmost accuracy, relevance, professionalism and foresight. We believe in sustainability and integrity.


We provide tailored legal solutions to our clients in the following manners:

Banking and Finance law

We provide advice to our clients on the regulatory framework that governs the transactions they have and want to enter into. Our team are experienced to advise on the implications both nationally and internationally. We are able to assist in an advisory and consultancy basis, with drafting, interpretation and vetting of agreements to ensure that their interests are protected.

Competition law

We assist our clients with ensuring that they are compliant with the regulations set out by Government so that their business practices do not amount to restrictive practices and abuse of dominance. Where they seek to grow, through merging with another entity or through and acquisition of another firm or entity, we assist with taking care of the necessary legalities.

Contract law

We assist our clients with drafting, interpretation and vetting of agreements so that they understand the extent of their rights and responsibilities.

Corporate and Commercial law

We assist our clients with the legal aspects that are applicable to the world of business as are applicable to the dealings that an entity has with people and other businesses. We assist from a commercial perspective, where an entity seeks to transact with other businesses, as well as from the perspective of being able to operate efficiently as a corporate entity.

Employment and Labour law

An entity is as good as its people. It is, therefore, important for an employer to be able to solicit the best from their people whilst ensuring that their organisation is run in a manner that is aligned with the labour laws of South Africa. We assist with managing this crucial relationship.

Property law

We assist our clients to deal with their property-related matters so as to ensure the proper handling thereof. We assist with the acquisition thereof, preparation and lodgment of the requisite documentation and the successful registration of the rights that people and organisations have to those properties. Where it is necessary to offer advice, we are able to do so and where that requires intervention of the courts, we assist with that too.


Founded in April 2016 as a consulting company and later converted to a law firm in 2019.

Based in the east of the City of Gold, we offer a comprehensive legal services in Banking and Finance Law, Competition Law, Contract Law, Corporate and Commercial Law, Employment and Labour Law, Financial Recoveries, Litigation, Personal Injury Law and Tax Law.

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Whilst we aim to work harmoniously and offer services that will assist our clients to run their businesses seamlessly, sometimes it is important for us to assist them to assert their rights through litigation. we are able to institute proceedings on our client’s behalves in every forum (court) in South Africa. where necessary, we work with external counsel to assist us.



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